Project Cars 2

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By Shovas / 2024-04-21 / Original Article

Secrets of Project Cars 2: Tips, tricks, resources, and other helpful information.

  • You really should be using Christiaan’s Pure FFB. It appears to be the best attempt at improving FFB.
    • You probably need a lot of smoothing on direct drive wheels
    • See my AccuForce ffb settings in this post
    • Alternatively, if you have native telemetry ffb with your wheel (something like AccuForce SimCommander’s Steering Feedback Foundation, iRacing’s irFFB, etc.) then these tend to be ‘cleaner’ ffb signals in my experience.
  • TrackIR works:
    • Must launch using Steam VR launch mode
    • Must use Helmet view
      • You can disable the helmet visual so it looks just like Cockpit view