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By Shovas / 2024-03-29 / Original Article

What is rFactor 2?

From the Wikipedia article...

rFactor 2 is a computer racing simulator developed by the American independent software firm Image Space Incorporated, released for Windows in 2013. Like its predecessor, rFactor, it is designed to be modified and is used by professional racing teams for driver training and race car development. Much of its source code is derived from rFactor Pro which is also used by professional racers and most of the Formula One teams and NASCAR manufacturers.

And here’s a visual taste of the game...

Getting Started

In Secrets of X, I try to focus on the non-obvious or unintuitive so I won’t be covering basics like getting the game, installing it, tweaking graphics or force feedback. You’re probably beyond that yourself so I’ll focus on the hidden and obscure things.

Inverted Force Feedback

If your force feedback feels wrong, like it’s on the ‘tip of a knife’ or like you’re balancing on a barrel, it’s probably expected inverted force feedback from the game. I’m not sure why this isn’t exposed in the UI but here’s how to fix it:

  1. Find and edit your UserData\Controller\*.JSON controller file
    1. Eg. Mine is located here but yours will be different: G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\Controller\AF.JSON
  2. Find the “Steering effects strength” parameter and set it to the opposite of what it was. In other words, if it was 10000 then set it -10000, or vice versa as needed.

Note: SimXperience AccuForce owners will need this!

Field of View

rFactor2 has a great built-in FOV tool. Simply press CTRL-= while in your car and you’ll get a visual tool to help. Thanks to this post on isrtv.com for highlighting it.

Old info about setting FOV manually:

rFactor 2 uses Vertical FOV so check out this Google Docs spreadsheet for common monitor size/view distance fov mappings. If that link dies at some point, see this thread which describes how to calculate the value (it’s where I found that doc in the first place).

PRO TIP: Use ProjectImmersion.com’s rFactor 2 FOV calculator for easy and exact calculations. Also supports Assetto Corsa, rFactor 1, Game Stock Car, Automobilista, Project Cars, RaceRoom Racing Experience, and older SimBin titles like Race07 and GTR Evo.

Tips & Tricks

Low quality textures

Keep texture detail settings as high as possible even if you’re lowering other graphics options to achieve higher frame rates. Textures tend not to be too heavy so you can keep good textures while lowering other graphics options to maintain higher frame rates.

TrackIR Head Tracking

The TrackIR profile that I have that works for most other games doesn’t move fast enough or far enough so go into your rFactor2 folder and edit \UserData\player\player.JSON and increase “Glance Angle”. For example, I set mine to 2.5 (default: 0.75).

I thought it was the Glance Rate parameter at first but it’s not, it’s the Glance Angle parameter.

SimXperience AccuForce

Fix Inverted Force Feedback

You will want to fix inverted force feedback: See the Inverted Force Feedback tip above.


rFactor 2 Game Guide and FAQ

The rFactor 2 Game Guide and FAQ is a great place to look for questions about almost anything, from hardware requirements to installation, graphics to audio, HUD to weather, modding to garage setups, your question is probably answered here.