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Content License

All Simwiki.net content is copyright of the contributor and all contributors agree to license their content on Simwiki.net under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International. This license requires that users give credit to the creator. It allows users to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, for noncommercial purposes only.

View the full license here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/

You don't have to ask permission for legitimate uses. You just have to give credit.

The hope here is that, in good faith, contributors will get credit for their work and retain the sole right to profit from their own work, if and when they so choose.

Ads and Monetization

For full transparency with visitors and contributors, here is my position on ads, monetization, and the general commercialization of the site:

The ideal for Simwiki is an ad-free, no paywall, clean, unencumbered experience. There's nothing better than using the internet with an ad blocker, I totally get it.

I am not against ads or monetization, per se, even though I'd rather Simwiki stay ad-free. If it came down to it, I'd prefer options like donations or Patreon-like subscriptions but I would consider text ads, referral links, or similar.

Simwiki.net is hosted on my personal VPS that I use for my blog, Selah.ca, and I'd run this server anyway so there's no need for revenue right now.

But if I ever had to find other hosting options or started hosting downloads then I might consider adding ways to make money.

Just wanted to be absolutely clear with any potential contributors.

-Shovas, March 2024

Acceptable Content

Content posted to simwiki.net must meet the following requirements:

  • Family-friendly, acceptable for all ages, no strong language
  • Legal content, no full software links (except free, demos, etc.), no hacks, no keys, no mods ported from current sims to other sims (mods ported from old titles okay)
  • English language posts, non-English off-site links are okay if relevant (use a translator link when possible)
  • Related to simulation software, usually video games, but could be other software like apps, tools, 3d model apps, etc.
  • Links only for downloads, no uploads to simwiki.net for mods, skins, tools, etc.
  • Respect 'private only' forums such as Trackaholics, GTR2 Endurance, F1 Classic, etc; No linking private files from these sites, link their forum thread instead
  • Uploads for displayed content are okay, such as images displayed in the body of a post
  • Optimize uploaded images, ideally JPG under 1MB
  • No large uploads, ideally nothing over 1MB, but certainly nothing over 10MB (use a download link instead)


  • Keep it simple - Prefer a clean, clear, and concise style


  • Do NOT organize content under URL path conventions, just use simple article names
    • Ex. Do NOT create GTR2/Field of View, just create GTR2 Field of View or Field of View in GTR2 or similar.
  • You can see this policy on Wikipedia where you won't find articles organized under URL conventions
  • Do NOT name an article specific to one sim if its content is generally applicable
    • Ex. A more general Field of View article might be named Sim Racing Field of View rather than GTR2 Field of View
    • And if it is applicable to all sim genres, just name it Field of View